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SCHOOLS GOING GREEN! Photovoltaic Electricity SAVES the environment from the harmful effects of pollutants. Kids learn about clean energy while cost-effective PV saves school systems huge energy consumption dollars.

July 2008, New Installation Florida

PVstop provides cost-effective photovoltaic electric solar systems, solar hot water and solar pool heating systems for residential and commercial applications. Systems are custom-designed for aesthetic appeal and for capturing maximum sunlight. Go solar, "GO PV GREEN"! Become part of the energy solution that improves the quality of the air we breathe and helps save our planet. Solar PV has never been more affordable. Call today for timely and... terrific purchase incentives!

Positive Environmental Effect of Photovoltaic Electricity:
Saving the Planet Earth from the Devastating Effects of CO2 and Global Warming. Go Solar, Get Energy Credits and Help the World!


CO2 Emissions in Tons

CO2 Emissions Facts: A 10 kW PV system provides the equivalent CO2 reduction of planting 1450 trees over its 40+ year expected life span. Typically it will prevent utility pollution emissions of 963,125 lbs of carbon dioxide, 4,237 lbs of sulfur dioxide, and 1,364 lbs of nitrogen oxides. It will produce 575,000 kWh of electricity. It would take burning 583,000 lbs of coal to generate as much electricity... Solar PV is clean and green!
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