PV Incentives
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    The Florida PV Financial Model for 25 KW PV Solar System
    for Commercial Business in 34% Tax Bracket

  • Installed Price (estimated @ $8 per Watt) -$200,000
  • Florida State Incentive ($4 per watt or $100K max) $100,000
  • Basis Adjustment for Florida State Incentive - $100,000
  • Less Federal Solar Tax Credit (30% w/no max.) $30,000
  • Less 1st Year Depreciation(34% tax bracket) $14,960
  • Less 1st year Energy Savings (based on 80% efficiency $4,015
  • Total 1st Year Cost (75% Return) - $51,025

The 25 KW System becomes a Positive Cash Flow within a few short years and this will continue for the next 40+ years of operation. Saving you ~40,150 KWh of electricity each year. Your 25 KW PV System will remove over 32 tons of air and ground pollution every year.

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  • Government credits, incentives and deductions return 75% of your investment the first year!
  • Solar systems are FREE of Florida State sales taxes and future property tax consideration.
  • Conservative calculations show savings of more than $2,000,000 in electricity charges over the life of the system.