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PVstop.com Sells, Installs & Services Commercial & Residential Solar Power Systems

PVstop.com assembles state-of-the-art photovoltaic electric solar kits, designed and engineered for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Each system is custom-designed for aesthetic appeal while capturing maximum sun rays. Going solar means "going green"! Become part of the solution to save our planet and improve the quality of the air we breathe. Reduce pollution, take advantage of paybacks. PHOTOVOLTAIC ELECTRICITY can reverse your electric meters to pay you back.

Grid Tied with new inverters. Each kit includes: PV modules with MC connectors, UniRac Solar Mount Mid-Heavy rails, Flush Rooftop Mounts, Mounting L-feet w. rail mounting bolts, slice kit, top mounting mid-clamps with hardware, top mounting end clamps with hardware, ground lugs, MC extension cable(s) and wire clamps, AC/DC disconnect, AC lightning arrestors, and inverters.

SMA Grid Tied Interactive (Battery Backup) : Kits include: Same as Grid Tied PLUS SMA Island, Outback PSX 240 Auto Transformer, eight 12 volt AGM sealed batteries (105 Ahr per battery) complete with battery cabinet with breaker boxes and cables.

Beacon Powered Grid Tied Interactive (Battery Backup): Same as Grid Tied Interactive except with M4/M5 plus Beacon Power Inverter.


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3 TYPES of PV Kits Available
Grid Connected
Battery Connected
Stand Alone

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