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Active Systems
Active systems use pumps to circulate water or other heat transfer fluid through the system. When sunlight heats one or more solar collectors sufficient for water heating, sensors and a controller activate a pump to circulate a fluid - either potable water from the storage tank or a food-grade antifreeze solution in climates exposed to freezing conditions.

An active system also has a flat-plate collector on the roof and a solar storage tank which is usually located in a garage or utility room. An electric pump circulates the water between the collector and the indoor solar storage tank whenever solar energy is available and needed to increase the temperature of the water in the solar storage tank.

Passive Systems
A passive water heater consists of a water tank integrated into or located above a solar collector. These systems are suitable only for warm climates where there is no risk of freezing.

In a passive system where the storage is separate from the collector, as water in the collector warms, water flows by natural convection through the collector to the storage tank. Water gets hotter as it progresses up through the copper tubes, eliminating the need for gas or electricity.
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How Solar Hot Water System Works

Solar Water Heating
Features & Benefits

  • Works in every climate
  • Independent energy source
  • Hot water during electric outage
  • No future fuel cost increase
  • Improved environment
  • Easy to install Do-It-Yourself Kits
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Easily retrofits to any existing water heater
  • No mechanical or electronic components required
  • Federal, State, and Utility incentives available
  • Low investment, high return
  • Savings pay for system in 3-5 years
  • Lower utility costs - low to no maintenance cost
  • Equipment blends with architecture
  • Provides additional hot water storage
  • 30 year design life - Resists hurricanes
  • Proven efficient technology
  • Tested and certified performance backed by 10 Year Warranty
  • Proper kit selection and installation tech support by solar engineer

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